Runaway Roadway

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Runaway Roadway

Post by Fluffybutt on Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:23 pm

[ A mysterious disease has killed 90% of the world's children, but for the 10% that survived...death would have been nicer. They are rounded up by PSF soldiers and sent to concentration camps where the public think the scientists are looking for a cure. However, that's not the case. The children now have superpowers and are extremely dangerous- There are 5 groups: Red, Orange, Yellows, Greens and Blues. Reds are the most powerful to Blues who are the least dangerous.

It's up to you how long they've been at the Hokkstad Camp, and up to you what class they are in- as long as it's yellows to blues. I'm going to skip the escape as its pretty obvious that they escape. There was a giant explosion at the camp and all the kids made a run for it- most of them got shot and died, or were captured. A small number managed to escape.

-Your characters are in the back of a minivan driving in the middle of the night. They're not being chased, but it's better to get away.-

Malik: *they found Malik in the corridor, handcuffed and gagged with some sort of muzzle [think of the one that Loki wheres in Avengers] and they can't manage to get it off. He was knocked out by a soldier just as they escaped, but without him, your two wouldn't have escaped as he found a small path that led to the carpark where they found the minivan. ....Mal is also wearing a red uniform because I'm leading the story and I say so Razz]

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